Top Fuel Economy Tips Every Driver Should Know

Fuel Economy Tips

Here are some fuel economy tips to help you save money on gas and free up your cash for your other expenses: There are so many things that you can do to make fuel-saving improvements right now, and it doesn’t have to cost anything. The most important things are your style and speed when driving, although these are also the other little things that help.

Monitor your fuel economy

This is important for two reasons: First, monitoring your fuel economy can help you see if the changes you do to your driving are making a significant impact on your fuel usage. Second, if you can estimate your fuel efficiency, you can adjust your driving style to optimize your fuel mileage.

Maintain your motor

Maintaining the health of your second-hand car is not only helpful for its safety and longevity, it will also help you save on fuel. If your car is properly tuned, it can improve your gas mileage by 4 percent. Aside from that, you would also want to make sure that your car is running smoothly and is efficient in combusting fuel.

Lose some weight

If you have unnecessary weight in your car, that is also an added reason for why your vehicle wastes fuel, especially during acceleration. Make sure that you check if you have unnecessary heavy stuff in your car. In fact, the newest cars today are being made to weigh lighter to improve fuel economy.

Be a smooth operator

Accelerating too quickly puts a strain on your motor but avoid doing it too slowly as well, as it will also limit the fuel economy. Remember that the fuel economy is poor when you keep your car in lower gear for too long.

Make fewer trips

When you use a car that has been parked for a couple of hours, it uses much more fuel for the first couple of miles. So, the idea is that, if possible, it is better to do all your errands into one big trip instead of having to do everything separately.

Avoid driving in the rush hour

Being stuck in traffic during rush hour is an expensive way of traveling. Every time you need to stop and start your car, it gets into the first gear and it uses a huge amount of fuel to get to move again. The second gear is almost the same. If you can do your errands or just travel outside the rush hours, it would be so much better to help you save some fuel.

Close the windows

When you are driving out of town and moving more quickly, it is advised to have your windows closed. That’s because anything that makes wind noise when your car goes along is making your car waste more fuel.

Accelerate smoothly

The ideal way to travel is by maintaining a steady speed and staying at the highest gear. This means that people who can be patient while driving are the ones who actually have lower fuel bills. While it may not be possible to resist overtaking, avoid doing so just for the sake of instant gratification because you will see the difference on your fuel bill by the time you need to fill up.

Don’t push the accelerator down too far

You need to know that you are actually using more fuel if you are pushing the accelerator down a long way just to avoid shifting into a lower gear.

Turn the air conditioning off

Keeping the air conditioning on the whole time uses a lot of fuel, so make sure that you turn it off when it’s not really hot.

Regularly check your tire pressures

If the tire pressure is lower, more fuel is required in order to keep it moving. Make sure that you take a few minutes every day to check the tires.

Don’t be idle

Most cars today, especially the modern ones, do not really need a long time to warm up, and doing so will only be wasting your fuel. If you need to stop for more than 30 seconds, like when you are stuck in traffic or are waiting for someone, it is better to turn the engine off.


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