Top 5 Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

Fixing a car that won't start

People have different ways of taking care of their cars. To them, they feel the importance of something when it malfunctions while on the way to work. This disheartens most car owners since their cars bring them to wherever they wish to go, and especially if they need to go to work. More importantly, parents use their cars to send their children to school.

A lot of car owners wonder why their cars stop working. They begin checking their cars for damage, overheating, and other things. Some cars work more than their capacity and owners neglect to take care of their cars. Read through this article and learn the top five (5) reasons why your car won’t start.

Faulty battery

One of the most common reasons why cars won’t start is a faulty, defective, or dead battery. Without a well-functioning battery, cars fail to start as it provides electrical power to keep the entire car running. Moreover, without the battery, other functions, such as lights, radio, or mini-television stop working.

With the car running, the alternator charges the battery to its full capacity. However, if the batteries fail to charge, the car is prevented from running at its best. This also hinders the usage of radio, lights, and other electrical parts within the car.

Why do car batteries die?

  • Car owners forgot to turn off their headlights when they left the car overnight or left it on for too long.
  • Wiring loosened due to usage or age.
  • When the car passes by a flooded area, water gets in and damages the battery. Car owners can let their car dry, however, some of the water does not evaporate quickly. This reduces the conductivity of the battery.
  • Lastly, the battery died because it reached its maximum lifespan.

Symptoms to watch for

  • Some of the car parts, such as lights, radio, and television, stop working.
  • Battery light indicator turned on or blinking.

Car experts say that to know the problem with the battery, it’s best to attempt jump starting the car. If it works, the battery needs replacement.

What do we recommend?

  • Replace the battery as soon as possible.
  • Change the alternator
  • Tidy up and review the wires and connections.
  • Call a technician to service the car.

Damaged ignition switch

When you know that the battery is defective, the car fails to start. However, there are times when cars start after a number of attempts. Most car mechanics say that the ignition switch got damaged.

How to check?

  • Start by turning on the headlights.

If the headlights turn on and the engine fails to start, it’s time to replace the ignition switch.

Broken starter

Another reason why cars fail to start quickly is a broken starter. Cars use starters, which are electrical motors, that link to the battery. It makes the engine spark when the ignition is switched on. If no trouble happens, the starter functions well. However, if the engine fails to start properly and you hear a clicking sound, the starter is broken.

Signs to watch out for:

  • Car fails to start when turning the ignition key.
  • The car emits a clicking sound without the engine starting.
  • Owners hear a loud and boisterous noise.

Hindered fuel filter

Cars perform differently according to type and build. Each type consumes different amounts of gasoline at different levels. One of the things to watch out for is fuel filters. The best remedy for clogged fuel filters is to replace them around 15000 to 20000 km.

Bare gas tank

Sometimes car owners forget that they used up all the gasoline the day before. Nothing happens when they use their cars with empty gas tanks. Just remember to fill those tanks before totally emptying them. Just remember to fill them up before parking at night!


Now, you know why your car won’t start. What to do?

For most people, cars make their lives easier since commuting can be confusing. On the other hand, if you drive your own car, it takes a short while to get to your destination unless there’s traffic. However, one of the downsides of using a car is the maintenance that it needs. Ease your troubles when you buy here, pay here in Illinois at Carfect.

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