Top 20 Used Cars for First-time Drivers

top 20 used cars

It is your graduation day and you are expecting that automobile your dad has promised you right after you finished high school or college. However, you are a first-time driver and your dad does not want to risk that much money for an expensive car to be driven by a neophyte like you. You have agreed to his terms and understood the reason why it has to be that way; however, it also makes you completely worried on what particular type of car to choose. It feels crucial and difficult in choosing your first car as it would be your companion of the basic twist and turn of your driving life.

You are torn in picking a cheap but quality-wise automobile for first-time drivers like you, that is why you have arrived to consult experts on the Internet, and you are very lucky to have landed on this spot. Fasten your seatbelts, as we serve you options in picking the best cars to use and buy if you are a first-time driver! As a matter of fact, we have listed and identified 20 of them, here they are.

2005-Present Nissan Xterra

With a starting price of $8,900 and up, you will have an automobile with a sleek and active feature fit for youthful outdoor lifestyle. This is the second generation or the second wave of the Xterra as it was introduced to the market in 2005. This present Xtrerra model was genuinely powered by a 4.0-liter version of Nissan’s VQ-series V6 engine; a special engine that can produce a total of 265 horsepower. Now, we are talking!

1999-2006 Toyota Celica

Wanna go something stylish? You can never go wrong with the Toyota Celica 1999 to 2006 series as it is a sports car known for its reliable and amazing quality of service. Powered by a four-cylinder engine with a 180 horsepower, the Celica is one hell of a ride! Its price starts from $5,500 and up.

2005-2014 Ford Mustang

Now, this is something rarely seen on your second-hand car shop, the 2005 to 2014 Ford Mustang famously introduced the fifth wave of muscle cars to the market. It contains cheap access to horsepower wrapped in the elegance of its body style that’s tested by time. You can choose from V-6 and the well-recommended version is the mid-level Mustang GT with the 5.0-liter V-8. Well, of course, when you have these perks, the price is a bit higher: the Ford Mustang is yours in $6,000 and up.

2012-Present Ford Focus

The 2012 to present Ford Focus is the unifier of all the “Focus” models and it stands as the third generation that comes with 2.0-liter-160-horsepower in-line four-cylinder engine. Price starts at $9,000.

1998-2005 Lexus IS300

This model has a competitive nature to its rival series back in 1998. It is remarkably affordable and carries a sophisticated look for the classy side of you.

1998-2004 Toyota Tacoma

A travel junkie you are? The Toyota Tacoma is the car for you! It has a rugged off-road capability and four and six cylinder power plants that are up for the heavy-duty service. This pick-up starts with $5,900 and up.

Ford Fiesta

Looks like Ford is a well-contested brand on our countdown, as the Ford Fiesta fits its way to the list. If you are in for a simple, smooth-handling first car, this car might be your mate. With an engine that produces 75 horsepower, the Ford Fiesta manages 45.6mpg, making it tough and one of the cheapest cars on the market.

Volkswagen Jetta TDI

Let’s go classic. The sixth generation Volkswagen Jetta is up for the gold. If you are a first-time driver that is value-minded, this one’s perfect! Its TDI engine option offers a great range and fuel economy in a powerful package. Maintenance is just a little bit pricey. Volks can be sold at $12,500 and up.

Suzuki Swift

First of its brand on our list is the second generation Suzuki Swift. It has a rear seat that provides space for extensive purposes. A lot of things about Swift are good: the price, the build, and the style that’s perfect for first-time drivers.

2002-2007 Toyota Highlander

This next vehicle is a trustworthy car built for an extreme amount of interior quality. It’s pretty much similar to the SUV but has the off-road capability like no other. It has a four-wheel drive system that’s built for the solid performance.

2005-2012 Acura RL

If you have a $15,000 budget, why settle for less when you can have the action brought by the Acura RL? It comes with a fully surround sound system, safety features, onboard navigation, and drive-shaft. It is known for its supreme handling performance, that’s why the Acura RL is one of the best catches yet.

Renault Clio

If you are in for fuel economy, there is enough reason for you to try buying a Clio. Highly known for first-time drivers, the Renault Clio is one of the significant cars in its class. It has a fuel economy of 48mpg, which is much of what we could ask for.

2002-Present Honda CR-V

If you are that family-oriented or just wanted to hang out with your friends, try buying a mini-SUV. Honda CR-V is the best there yet. It is highly economic, and its unbeatable record of giving reliability just gets bigger, better, and stronger through the test of time. Plus, be surprised of its fun features, like a center console and an in-car table all at a price ranging to $7,500 and up.

Volkswagen Polo

Another Volkswagen made it and this time, it’s the ship-shape Polo. The Polo has 55bhp and neatly fashioned with all its might. Perfect for the lover of a well-furnished dash and cabin.

Toyota Yaris

For safety-conscious buyers, try the Toyota Yaris, equipped with a higher level of safety equipment and an efficient engine that can go the extra mile with grander refinement and a handling system as best as it could be.

Seat Ibiza

This Seat Ibiza is the most distinct and fun to ride among all the cars its size. It is way cheaper and meticulously styled with a fuel economy of 47mpg. This third generation Ibiza will boost the bliss of driving for a beginner like you!

Vauxhall Corsa

Another classic car that’s budget-friendly, the Corsa. It has a thrifty engine set for the economic-minded buyer. Its cabin also offers enough space for a long ride.

Volvo S40

The Volvo s40 is a mid-2004 model that stands out because of its sporty style sedan appearance. Like the Toyota Yaris, the Volvo cares for the safety of its owner more than anything else. It has an excellent 168 horsepower and cost starting from $7,900 and up.

2006-Present Honda Fit

Now, this sedan is a packaged deal! The Honda Fit offers flexibility, reliability, and enjoyment in one car. Honda Fit can be purchased from a second-hand shop for about $7,000 and up.

Kia Picanto

When it gets cheaper, it gets Picanto. This is the most affordable car in the list having a price that’s still cheap compared to its second-hand market price. You can drive the Picanto for only $4,900. It’s perfect for a first-time lady driver who doesn’t like van-type cars. The Kia Picanto is well known for its cheap price and extraordinary sensibility.

Have we suggested or mentioned your future companion? Get ready to go the extra mile with these cheap but heavy-duty automobiles designed for first-time drivers.


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