Tire Care: Proper Tire Maintenance Tips

Tire care tips

Your car’s tires are important and should be well cared for. When you take care of your tires, they last longer and won’t have to be replaced as often. Properly maintaining your tires improves fuel efficiency, and will save you money. Most importantly, having well-maintained tires will ensure the safety of you and your passengers.

So, as a car owner, how do you properly maintain your tires? It all boils down to good habits and initiative. Here are easy tips for tire care and maintenance.

Inspect your tires on a regular basis

Tires get damaged without you realizing it. Wear and tear is caused everytime the tires are used, so a physical inspection is good for identifying any problems. Get into the habit of regularly inspecting your tires. Let a professional take a look at them every year.

Check the tire pressure

If your tires have incorrect pressure, it affects vehicle performance and can be unsafe. Check the air pressure often, at least once or twice every month and before long trips. Having the correct tire pressure will reduce the risk of losing control. Your car will also be protected from premature wear and further damage.

Tire pressure can drop due to small perforations, decrease in temperature or the escape of air through the tire’s components naturally. When you check your tire’s air pressure, be sure to include the spare tire.

Mind the load capacity of your car

The tires of your car can only withstand a certain amount of weight, so be mindful of its load index. Call your local mechanic to consult about this. Don’t overload your tires as this can destroy your tires.

Don’t drive too fast

There will be times that you can’t help but drive fast. Just be aware that driving at high speed damages your tires. The faster you drive, the greater the chance of your tires getting damaged by heat build-up and hazards on the road. Higher speeds also contribute more to the tire’s air loss. Make sure to drive moderately.

Have your tires rotated

Follow the tire rotation schedule found in your car’s owner’s manual. Tire rotation is recommended every 5000-7000 miles for most cars. When it’s time for your tires to be rotated, make sure to have a professional do it. Having your tire rotation properly maintained will prevent them from wearing out.

Always have your spare tire at the ready

Do not drive your car when you know there is something wrong with its tires. Always have your spare tire ready so when you notice there’s a problem, you can easily change your tires.

Keep an eye on your tires and inspect them regularly. Monitor their pressure and make sure that your tires are rotated when needed. Make tire care and maintenance a priority and have a professional look over it when you detect a problem. If you need help, Carfect is a great option for quality car service. All the cars inside Carfect are safe and undergo strict maintenance procedures to ensure they are in top condition. Check out Carfect today!


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