Seven Signs Your Auto Brakes Need to Be Inspected

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Routine auto brake inspections are absolutely imperative when it comes to vehicle maintenance and safety while driving. If automotive brakes are neglected, there could be extremely costly and dangerous repercussions. Each vehicle has a special auto brake system inspection schedule. Upon purchasing an automobile, it is critical that you learn when the auto brakes were last inspected and when the brakes are due for another schedule.

In addition to ensuring that you follow the recommended manufacturer maintenance, it is crucial that you learn the signs that may indicate that your vehicle requires a brake inspection. There may be instances when you do not receive a brake light warning to indicate that an inspection is necessary. In this brief guide, we will outline several common brake problems that indicate that you need to have your auto brake system inspected immediately.

Standard Auto Brake Systems

Today’s vehicles typically include one of the two standard auto brake systems – drum auto brakes or disc brakes. The drum auto brake system utilizes brake shoes that push out towards a brake drum that spins, which is directly attached to the wheel. This type of action helps to slow the car as a result of friction. The most common auto brake system is the disc automotive brakes. This system uses brake pads in order to provide a squeezing force to a disc rotor that spins and is attached to the wheel of the vehicle.

This brake system also slows a vehicle through friction. Out of all of the components of a vehicle, those that are part of the auto brake system experience the greatest level of wear and tear. The good news is most automotive brakes will give clues that there is a problem occurring within the system. By knowing these clues, you will know when it is time to have an inspection performed.

Seven Signs That Common Brake Problems May Be Occurring

If you own a vehicle, it is critical that you learn the signs that indicate that common brake problems may be occurring. The following outlines seven of these signs:

  1. 1. Brake Light Warning – The most common sign that an issue with your brakes is happening is the illumination of the brake light warning on your dashboard. In some instances, this may be the only sign; however, it is important to understand that there are cases where the brake light warning light will not illuminate. Examples include an issue with the warning light system, complications with your electrical system, and fuse failure. Because of these potential complications, you should never rely 100% on your dashboard lights to indicate an issue.
  2. 2. Unusual Noises – The next warning sign that there is a problem with your auto brake system is the presence of unusual noises – especially when you apply pressure to the brakes. The most common noises heard are those that sound as if something is grinding, a clicking-type noise, or moderate to severe screeching.
  3. 3. Pulling – If you start to notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side when you apply pressure to the brakes, there is an issue. In fact, if pulling starts to occur, it is not considered safe to continue driving your vehicle. You must get the automotive brakes checked as quickly as possible.
  4. 4. Grabbing – Typically, when you push the brakes, you must apply a steady amount of pressure before the effects are noticed in slowing and/or stopping; however, if the brakes grab right away upon pushing the brake pedal, this could indicate a serious problem with the auto brake system.
  5. 5. Low Pedal – If you find that you must push the brake pedal all the way to the floor before receiving a response from the system, there is a problem.
  6. 6. Vibration – Many common brake problems result in the vibration or pulsing of the actual brake pedal. If you notice this, an inspection is necessary.
  7. 7. Hard Pedal – The final sign that an inspection is necessary to your auto brake system is if you notice that the pedal must be pushed very hard to slow and/or stop the vehicle.


Now that you have read this brief guide, it is quite likely that you have discovered one or more signs that an inspection is necessary for your auto brakes. If this is the case, you should make an appointment with the certified technicians at Carfect immediately. Not only do these technicians know the auto brake system in and out, they are able to quickly diagnose and repair any problem at the most competitive prices.

In addition to this, Carfect offers a wide selection of used cars that are backed by extensive inspection and display the highest level of reliability. Call Carfect today for more information: 877-395-2755.


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