Most Reliable Used Cars in the US

reliable used cars

Any dealership can claim a reputation for offering reliable used cars. The challenge is proving that ability year after year. In addition to buyers, friends and family voice their opinions on the process. Carfect has a goal of recognition for being the dealer with the most reliable used cars in the nation. Our stores in Chicago and Waukegan have consistently earned public trust since 1990 based on honesty, courtesy, and business practices.

Carfect: Integrity and the Work Ethic

Every person who works at either location of Carfect has proven their desire to treat customers with respect. That quality is a huge part of the reputation for integrity and trust. Meeting individual needs includes understanding the situation of each client interested in purchasing a vehicle.

Both stores have a wide variety of clean, dependable vehicles at affordable prices and terms. No customer or sale is the same. Each situation is considered separately in an attempt to exceed expectations and qualify vehicle ownership with a reasonable monthly payment.

Reliable Used Cars at Carfect

Customers sometimes have their own financing secured through their bank or credit union. Quality transportation is just a matter of selecting one of the many qualifying vehicles at the Chicago or Waukegan shop and processing the paperwork. If you are not prequalified, find out how the store can help.

Everyone is exposed to advertising that makes it sound like loans for reliable used cars are easy to get. Loud voices with echo effects are on TV and radio insisting just about anyone can walk in to a certain business and drive away in the car of their dreams. Carfect earns its reputation by being realistic. You may not be financially ready to afford a Lexus right now. However, you do need a dependable used car that you feel good about driving around.

The wide variety of vehicles gives the sales team a selection of cars, trucks, and SUVs that qualify for any budget. This business does not want customers walking in believing they will be treated in good faith, only to hang around for hours talking with one person or another and leaving with only a “No”. If you have no down payment, no credit, or bad credit, Carfect will still help you get a car loan at an affordable rate.

The dealership provides in-house financing on reliable used cars. It is also called “buy here, pay here” financing. Even clients with a troubled credit history or limited available income usually qualify.

Is there a repossessed car in your past? Carfect will help you qualify under a credit option known as a 2nd Chance Auto Loan. Perhaps you are currently in bankruptcy. Financing is possible if your trustee agrees that you need a car and approves taking on additional debt to get it.

The basic qualification requirements are:

  • Live within 50 miles of one of the dealership locations.
  • Provide a valid form of identification.
  • Monthly income of at least $1,000.
  • The minimum qualifications can be adjusted in the customer’s favor.


Well-meaning friends may warn you of low-quality inventory at Buy Here Pay Here dealerships. Carfect is pleased to bust that urban myth. The shop carries reliable used cars that reinforce our reputation as an honest, excellent used car center. Financing helps our customers into a vehicle they can afford and reestablishes their credit. We want them to return to Carfect for their next vehicle.

Inventory examples include clean, shiny cars such as:

  • 2011 Hyundai Accent GL.
  • 2008 Toyota Matrix.
  • 2012 Nissan Altima.
  • 2012 Kia Soul.

Search the site online to find a few cars that capture your interest. Then shop for the most reliable used cars in the US at Carfect, Monday through Saturday. Find us at:

Waukegan: 3375 Grand Ave (773) 887-9696.
Chicago: 3732 N Cicero Ave (877) 398-2755.


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