Pros and Cons of Having A Cosigner On A Bad Credit Car Loan

bad credit car loan

There are many things you have to consider before signing a loan. Beyond that, you might also be thinking of getting a cosigner to help even out bad credit. However, knowing the pros and cons of having a consigner on a bad credit car loan may help you rethink things. Sometimes you will just have to check everything. If you think your credit score is bad but not that bad, maybe you are still eligible to get a car loan without a consigner.

In other cases, you will have to find a cosigner for your car loan to be approved. This proves that your credit score does not meet the requirements for you to take out the car loan yourself. Cosigners are usually needed for those who have no credit history or bad credit. However, having a cosigner can also involve risks.


A cosigner on your loan means their credit rating can be used, so you can secure your loan.

You may also get lower interest rates, especially if your cosigner has a higher credit score. This can significantly reduce payments.

This could also be a way for you to build up your bad credit score. Since every time you apply for a loan, in this case a car loan, and pay it on time, it will build your credit history to improve your score.


Your cosigner is responsible for you. If you don’t pay your loan, your cosigner will have to take responsibility and pay what you failed to pay.

By failing to pay, your cosigner’s credit score can be significantly reduced. Furthermore, the cosigner’s assets can also pose as collateral damage.

It can also strain relationships. There have been many cosigners ending up having pay for what the primary borrower loans. Especially in the case of car loans, many cosigners get tied up.

Beyond straining relationships, the cosigner will have to shell out some money for the primary borrower. If the cosigner fails to pay or there is a delay in payment, this can severely affect both the primary borrower and cosigner’s credit score.

Having a cosigner may sometimes feel like the best option to gain access to a loan or a car loan to get better rates. However, considering every aspect financially can benefit you and the cosigner if finances are planned out carefully. If the cosigner may not be able to afford payments, you could use or look for other opportunities. This would end better than having to ask someone to shoulder a loan responsibility.


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