8 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Used Car

prolong used car lifespan

People who are planning to buy a car are torn between the decision of purchasing a brand new vehicle or a used one. It’s because while a used car is less expensive, most of the potential buyers are worried that it might not last long. If you are caught in the same dilemma, know that there is actually nothing you should be worried about purchasing a used vehicle because all it takes is proper care and maintenance to ensure its reliability and long life.

If you are planning to buy one anytime soon, here are some tips you need to consider to prolong its life.

1. Ensure regular maintenance

One of the critical steps in prolonging the lifespan of your used car is the regular maintenance. You need to constantly check its engine, the coolant, oil and should never forget to change the fluids on a regular basis. Doing this will help you ensure the proper operation and function of your engine.

You are also highly encouraged to follow the maintenance plan in your car’s manual.

2. Slow down when driving

When you drive too fast, you are increasing the wear and tear on your engine and its other components. So make sure that you abide by the speed limit to protect your engine, and at the same time control your fuel consumption.

3. Check your oil every two weeks

Checking the oil vehicle is a task that many car owners take for granted. Some take a while before they do this maintenance tip while some others do not do it at all. Changing your oil in a timely manner will significantly make an impact to prolonging your car’s life. Make it a habit to change your oil completely every three months.

4. Practice steady driving

Your engine health does not only depend on how fast you drive but also on how steady your driving is. If your driving behavior is a bit erratic with so many stops and starts, you are only reducing the lifespan of your car. It is because your vehicle will have to work harder every time you accelerate and decelerate. If you need to accelerate, make sure that you do it slowly. You are less likely to cause damage to your engine if you follow a more steady driving style.

5. Check your tire pressure

Checking your tire pressure regularly will help protect your car against the bumps that your car experience every single day. The less bumps and lumps it experiences, the less damage on the car suspension. Its internal parts will also be less likely to become loose. This is a very easy task so there is no reason why you should take this for granted. This is also an essential step to prolonging the life of your used car.

6. Don’t forget to wax and lubricate

The body of your car is prone to scrapes and rust especially when it is already used. In order to maintain it well and to prevent natural deterioration, you need to wax your car every 6 months. Also don’t forget to lubricate the hinges and locks to ensure that it constantly runs properly.

7. Replace oil filter

The oil filter easily gets filled up with impurities and when it happens, they become less effective. These impurities can later on result in damages in the sensitive areas of your car especially the engine. So before any unwanted trouble happens, take time to replace the filter every three months.

8. Avoid overloading your car

If you have a small used car, avoid carrying heavy loads even if you can technically do it. Doing this will cause stress to your engine which can result in engine failure in the long run. So to keep your engine safe and protected, you might want to check your manual when it comes to the load that your vehicle can carry. When driving, it is also best if you remove unnecessary weight like heavy equipment, heavy boxes and other things that are not really important to avoid causing strain to your car’s engine.


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