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Here are some professional car tips on how well you perform and maintain your care could be the key to its longevity. There are other factors at play, though, so it’s important to make sure you’re doing everything you can from the very beginning. It’s still unusual to have a car last for one million miles, and even 500,000 is unlikely for most people. However, 200,000 miles is becoming common for a lot of makes and models of cars today, and for people who are dedicated to car care, those miles can continue to accumulate. If you want to be part of the one million-mile car club, here are some things to consider.

Start With a Good Car

There are plenty of cars available today, and some just have a more reliable reputation than others. Professional car tips #1. If you start with a good car, you have a better chance of getting that car to one million miles over time. Many people who buy quality cars tend to keep them for the long haul, and that can mean getting them to the seven-figure mark when it comes to mileage. If you buy a lower-quality car, though, you don’t necessarily have to scrap it before it gets a lot of mileage on it. Even cars that aren’t the best quality can last a long time if they’re cared for properly.

Take Care of Your Vehicle

No matter what car you have, taking care of it can go a very long way toward getting it to the one-million-mile mark. Your car’s running condition is important, as is how it looks and how well all of the systems that work within it hold up. While getting to one million miles technically just means that your car has to run and be driveable to that mileage, caring for the car often means more to the car’s owner. Washing it, keeping good tires on it, undercoating it if you live in a snowy climate, replacing fuses, and other small things can help make driving your car a lot more enjoyable, no matter how many miles are showing on the odometer.

Pay Attention to Scheduled Maintenance

To keep the car running well and give you the opportunity to drive it for a very long time, scheduled maintenance matters. Your owner’s manual will tell you when you should have the oil changed, for example, and when you should have belts changed, tires rotated, and other important things done. While it may seem easy to ignore those things if the car is running well and driving properly, putting off maintenance can give your car the opportunity to develop a problem that would have otherwise been caught before it became an issue. By following a maintenance schedule, you’ll be helping your car run well for many more miles.

Don’t Put Off Minor Repairs

Whether a minor problem is noticed during a scheduled maintenance visit or you discover something on your own, don’t put off repairs. Even a small, minor issue can turn into something big if it’s ignored. You don’t want that to happen because it can cost you a lot of money and shorten your car’s longevity. To get to that one million mile mark, it’s important to catch problems when they are tiny and get them fixed right away. Remember, a problem in one system could lead to a problem in another system, and those problems could spread or become worse over time. You can stop that chain of events by correcting minor problems quickly.

Will doing all of these things really get your car to the one million-mile mark? Well, there aren’t any guarantees. But if you want your car to last as long as possible, it’s clear that you have to take good care of it. Then you have the highest chance of getting into that one million-mile car club. Even if your car doesn’t make it quite that far, you’ll know you’ve done all you can to get plenty of mileage from your vehicle. You’ll also learn a lot about car care, maintenance, and related issues, so your next car may just hit that million-mile odometer reading after all.


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