Tips To Avoid Overpaying On Your Car Loan

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Investing in a vehicle is like investing on a property because it is inexpensive. Most of the time, when we can’t afford to have it by cash, we turn to loans. However, what’s frustrating is that we owe more on the car loan than the worth of the car itself, and you don’t want to be in this situation. You could think that had a good deal but in reality, you are overpaying car loan because you haven’ t understood the following principles.

The problem is, when people are looking for a car, they tend to concentrate on the model and the type of vehicle they want instead of the loan that they get to pay for it. However, overlooking these things may even cost you thousands of dollars more, and you won’t want to make this kind of mistake.


In order to avoid overpaying your car loan, here are some helpful tips you may want to consider:

Do not settle for longer loan terms.

The longer you stretch your loan, the higher the interest rate will be. And if you compute for the total amount, you will notice that it will be more expensive. This is not going to be a wise decision because you will end up paying more in the interest in the entire duration of the loan.

You may have the option to stretch your loan to up to 84 months, but as much as possible, shorten it to just 60 months. Used car loans should not be longer than 36 months.

Take time to look for the best rate you can qualify for.

Don’t just settle for any rate that you think is affordable. Before anything else, take the time to know your credit score. And then, that’s the time when you can check for the interest rate you are qualified for. Do your research and check for auto lenders so you can compare which one of them can offer you the most competitive rate.

And before you even searching for the vehicle you will be purchasing, it will also be best if you apply for the financing either at a credit union or at a bank. Afterward, allow the car dealer to offer you a deal and see if it is a lot better than what you already have.

Don’t dwell on just the monthly payments.

It is natural to have low monthly payments especially when you choose to have an outside loan. However, you might need to pay attention to the extra interest costs if you choose to have a loan under longer terms. Focusing too much on the monthly payments, chances are you might end up paying more than you should, especially on the interest.

Be mindful of the surprise fees and charges.

It is important that you understand all of the fees included in your loan. They may be rolled all together in one loan and you have to really read and watch out for these fees. At first, you may be given a low price and you will be surprised in the end that there are actually more fees. And these are not discussed well at times because these are intended to boost their profit. Ask for the breakdown of fees when you shop for the best rates so that you can also compare, instead of just comparing the price of the vehicle.

Be very detailed when it comes to the loan terms.

You need to know and understand every single detail of your loan. You need to make sure that you go through each and every term thoroughly and carefully. It is not possible to undo it as soon as you have already signed the contract. Before you even leave your signature, make sure everything is crystal clear. If something confuses you, do not hesitate to ask. Read every single word in the contract. Also, focus on the figures in the sales contract.

By being knowledgeable and familiar with everything included in the paper that you are signing, there is nothing that you should worry about in the future. It is all but a matter of knowing and understanding, to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth and that the vehicle you are purchasing is worth every single penny.

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