7 Essential Maintenance Tips for Used Cars

used cars

Maintaining used cars properly is the only thing that’s needed to ensure long-term ownership. It can keep a second-hand vehicle running as good as new. It can also save you the expense of buying a new car sooner than necessary. Maintaining a used car is imperative if you want to maximize and enjoy its benefits. Below are some essential steps to keep your used car in tip-top shape.

Do a regular inspection

Doing a regular inspection is crucial to increasing your used car’s longevity. You can always refer to the owner’s manual when performing the inspection. It contains everything you need to know about your car. The inspection consists of assessing the different parts of the vehicle. You can spot anything that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Keep the oil fresh

Do your car a favor by keeping its oil clean and fresh. Your engine goes through constant strain. Several factors such as heat and friction strain your engine’s moving parts. The oil does an important job of keeping your engine running at tip top shape. So, make sure to keep your oil fresh.

Regularly wash, wax and vacuum

It doesn’t matter whether you are driving a brand new car or a used one. Your vehicle will always look good and smell good with proper maintenance. Take time to wash, wax and vacuum your car to keep the grime and road debris at bay. The debris and dirt that accumulate over time can etch away at the coating of the car’s painted surfaces. Keep your exteriors clean all the time. Don’t forget to do the same on the interior. Make sure to vacuum, and clean the seats and carpet to maintain fresh-smelling interiors. Used cars last longer if they are properly cared for.

Check tire pressure

Tire pressure affects fuel economy. It also impacts handling and comfort. Be sure to check your manual for the recommended tire pressure for your car. Make it a weekly habit to check the tire pressure with the use of simple tools and gadgets. Doing it daily, though, is even better.

Check tire alignment

Another important aspect of basic car maintenance is wheel alignment and balancing. This does not only impact your vehicle’s fuel economy. It also affects your safety while on the road. Check your tire alignment. Make sure they are balanced and aligned. Also have them rotated every 5,000 miles, or you can refer to your manual for accurate recommendation.

Inspect the drive belt

Your engine generates power so that your vehicle runs. It ensures that other parts and accessories run as well. This is where drive belts come in. Drive belts transfer power to the different components of your car. These include air conditioning compressor, alternator, power steering pump, water pump, and other devices that use mechanical power. Drive belts wear over time even under normal use. It’s imperative to inspect your drive belts. See if there are changes in their integrity and if there are visible hairline cracks. Doing this step on a regular basis can save you from costly repairs.

Replace engine air filter

Engine efficiency relies on the right mix of fuel and air. It is important that the air being pulled into your vehicle’s engine does not contain contaminants. Check your owner’s manual and find out when an air filter replacement is needed. Also check how to gain access to your engine filter. Assess its condition and check its integrity. If it has already become too dirty, you might want to consider replacing it

Proper maintenance of used cars is all that’s needed to keep it in good shape. Refer to this list of maintenance tips and you’ll find that taking good care of your vehicle is relatively easy. It can spare you from unnecessary and costly repairs in the future. If you’re interested in buying a used car, please visit Carfect.


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