How to Protect Your Car Parked Outside

How to Protect Your Car Parked Outside

Your investment in your vehicle shouldn’t be taken lightly. Ensuring a secured space for your investment, a garage to park your car in, should be part of your priority. However, not everyone has the luxury of sheltered space for their vehicle.

If you’re one of those whose car has to be parked curbside in front of your home, it’s important that you’re equipped with ways to protect your car parked outside. 

Get a paint-friendly car cover

If you don’t have a covered garage, one of the best alternatives would be a fitted car cover. Choose a paint-friendly cover as well as something that’s water-resistant and breathable. Make sure it’s not the type that traps moisture as it may end up damaging your car’s paint. 

When it comes to using a car cover, it’s important to make sure that the car is clean and dry before placing it on. Otherwise, the dirt may scratch the finish. And if you want to ensure that the cover doesn’t get removed without your knowledge, consider using one that has a cable lock that loops under the vehicle.

Wash it regularly

The importance of keeping a car clean can’t be overemphasized. Wash your vehicle often to make sure paint-damaging debris does not accumulate. If it is parked outside, make the car wash a weekly habit. This will keep any bird droppings or acid rain from causing damage to the finish. Use car wash soap instead of dish soap to retain the chemicals that give the vehicle a long-lasting shine. 

If you barely have time to wash the car at home and often find yourself bringing it to a commercial car wash, make sure they do not use brushes that may scratch the body. Even when it comes to washing the underneath of the car, make sure they do an underbody flush to get rid of any residual stuff in there. 

Wax the paint once each month

While washing on a weekly basis is important, don’t forget how important it is to detail and wax your car, too. This is especially needed for cars parked outside of a garage or sheltered space. Use good quality wax to ensure layers of protection. If you want to get the toughest protection against pollutants, acid rain, and harmful UV rays, consider using sealant waxes or nanotechnology wax. 

Be careful with parking under trees

While you want to keep your car parked in the shade under the tree, you also have to practice caution. The sap, pollen, and other things coming from many kinds of trees may damage your car’s paint. So try to avoid parking in these spots.

Be mindful of the battery

Even if the vehicle hasn’t been in use for days, the battery will still run down. Make sure that the battery has been recharged before hitting the road again. Also, don’t forget to clean the battery terminals. This has been a common mistake of many car owners. Check if there’s a buildup of green leakage around the electrical contact. If there is, you can clean it up with the use of baking soda and water with a toothbrush or you can have a service professional perform the cleaning to keep the settings from getting lost. If this is not done, the buildup may eventually impair the connection. 

Use sun visors

You don’t want to completely expose your dashboard to the damaging rays of the sun. Be sure to place sun visors on your front and rear windows. This will help deflect the damaging impact of UV rays on your leather, interior plastics and upholstery.

Don’t skimp on maintenance

Not using the car for quite some time doesn’t mean that you should skip maintenance. Even if it’s left to sit outside for days, you still have to follow through with your service appointments and follow the schedule indicated in the owner’s manual. Some cars also have service reminder alerts on the next recommended service. If you don’t want your car to leave you stranded in the middle of a trip, don’t skimp on maintenance. 

Because a car is a big investment, it’s imperative to keep it protected. And with the help of these tips, you can still protect your car parked outside your home.

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