How to Get Auto Financing from Carfect

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Today, you can get auto financing with ease from the Carfect. This used car dealership has been establishing professional relationships, building trust, and helping individuals obtain the vehicle that they need and want since the year 1990. Located in the Cities of Waukegan and Chicago, this “buy here, pay here” dealership specializes in providing in-house financing to those who have credit history issues.

Each of the professionals at the dealership strives to ensure all of their customer transactions are honest, display the highest level of respect, and are conducted with kindness. If you have a desire to get auto financing without all of the judgments and hassle, Carfect is for you! In this brief guide, we will expound on how you may obtain the vehicle financing that you need today so that you may drive tomorrow!

The Approval Process

Unlike other used car dealerships that are dependent upon banks and other types of financial institutions to extend financing to customers, Carfect sets the financing criteria that is used by customers to get auto financing. As a result of this fact, there is a massive range of flexibility when it comes to the approval process. We have seen and worked with it all – no credit, bad credit, repossessions, delinquent payments, bankruptcies, debt consolidations, and other credit issues.

While previous credit challenges may have held you back from obtaining vehicle financing, you will not have that issue at the Carfect. Not only do we approve financing for a wide array of less-than-favorable credit issues, we also help you to establish credit! If you are ready to drive into a financially stable future, Carfect can help!

Fixed Incomes

In recent years, we have worked with a large number of clients that are on a fixed income. In most instances, the incomes are not very high. We know and understand the complications that occur when you only have so much money to deal with; however, we also know that transportation is a necessity. That is why we work diligently to ensure that you are able to get auto financing – even if your income is not that high and fixed.

By offering in-house financing, we set the rules. We will simply review your income and evaluate the amount that you have to put towards a down payment and your monthly payment. Once this evaluation is complete, we will work to try to get you into a vehicle. Best of all, we make the process easy and are able to establish the best situation for your financial needs in a short amount of time!

Minimum Requirements

In order to get auto financing with Carfect, we do have a few minimum requirements in place. First, we encourage our applicants to bring a valid ID so that we may confirm their identity, age, and place of residence. We also like to ensure that our customers live within a 50-mile radius of our dealership. In order to get auto financing, we typically request a $500.00 down payment and – at least – $1,000.00 worth of monthly income.

In order to validate income, we commonly request pay stubs. If, for some reason, you are not able to meet the minimum requirements as set forth here, have no fear! Simply let us know that you are experiencing difficulties in obtaining the necessary items or meeting the minimum requirements, and we will make every effort to accommodate you.


Carfect has a solid reputation for extending itself to each of its customers. A vehicle is a necessity. We have found that most people – even in the direst of situations – successfully pay for the vehicles that we assist them in acquiring because we make such an effort to help them. Yes, we do have minimum requirements and certain criteria, but we are flexible. Our goal is to ensure that each person who walks through our doors and needs it is able to get auto financing.

We see no reason for making an already difficult situation worse. We simply want to offer our customers solid solutions that will take them from where they are to where they deserve to be; that is, in the vehicle that they need and want. Visit Carfect today to get auto financing and have your very own vehicle before sunset!


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