How to Fix Car Dents: 8 Easy Tips for Car Owners

How to Fix Car Dents

Living and driving in a busy, heavily populated city can take its toll on your car. When we spend each day driving around, parking and parallel parking in tight spaces – sometimes right next to another car –  dents may be inevitable. If your vehicle suffers dents from time to time, it doesn’t mean you have to live with them. The good news is you can even fix some dents on your own. How you go about repairing a dent depends on the size and extent of your damage. Read on and learn seven easy ways to fix car dents without breaking the bank!

7 Ways To Fix Small Car Dents Without Removing Paint

1) Toothpaste

Toothpaste is one of those things we always have lying around, and it just so happens to work effectively when it comes to fixing minor car dents too! Just squeeze a dollop of toothpaste onto a cloth and rub it into the dent until it’s gone.

2) Boiling water

If your dent is small and doesn’t require you to remove any paint, you can try using boiling water. Boil a pot of water and pour it over the dent, and then reach behind the affected area and pop the dent out. Next, pour a pot of cold water over the area to cool and fix it.

3) Vacuum cleaner and bucket

This method is perfect for fixing those annoying dents that are hard to reach. First pour some water into the bottom of a bucket. Then place your vacuum cleaner tube over the dent, and turn it on. The suction will pull the dent out.

4) Plunger

The plunging method is similar to using a vacuum cleaner and bucket. Pour some water into the bottom of your bucket and place the plunger over the dent. Push and pull the plunger until the dent pops out.

5) Hairdryer

If you don’t have any of the above mentioned items around, you can also try using a hairdryer to repair your dent. The heat from the hairdryer will help to expand the metal and fix the dent. Point your hairdryer at the dent and hold it there for a few minutes. Once it’s cool, use a cloth to push it back into place.

6) Wrench

If none of the options discussed above are successful, try using a wrench. Place your wrench around one end of the dent and twist until it’s gone. This will work best for dents that are against a wall or another car.

7) WD-40

You can also use WD-40 to fix car dents. Spray some WD-40 along the dent line, let it sit for ten minutes, and then wipe it away with a cloth. The WD-40 should help to loosen up how firmly the metal is stuck together, making it easier to pull it back into its original position.

8) Hot glue, wooden dowels, and screws

If your vehicle has a bigger dent that requires you to remove some paint, you can use hot glue, wooden dowels, and screws. Glue the wooden dowel onto the area where the dent is, then screw the dowel in place. Put a few drops of hot glue onto the top of the dowel and wait for it to cool. Once it’s cooled, use a screwdriver to pry the dent out.

Remember that removing dents on your own can sometimes put your vehicle at risk for further damage, so always be careful. If your dent is big enough that it’s visible from the outside, it’s advised to take it to a professional for repair.

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