Fuel Economy Driving Tips: Making the Most Out Of Your Fuel

With the constantly increasing cost of fuel, it is becoming more and more important to save up on gas. The daily trip going to and fro can use up a gas of tank very quickly. So, if you do not want your monthly gas bills to be skyrocketing, here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your each and every tank of fuel.

1. Change your car’s oil and filter

One way for you to make sure that your car is running efficiently is by changing its oil and filter. Most of the time, these things really have to be changed if your car has already been running 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Remember that if your vehicle is efficient, you will be using less fuel.

2. Change your car’s air filter

If you have a dirty air filter, your vehicle will be compelled to use more gas because your car’s engine will be able to get less air than what it is supposed to get. A clean air filter is equivalent to less gas usage so make sure that you get it changed as frequent as possible. You can do that too when you change your oil filter.

3. Check the tension on your car’s fan belt.

Your car’s engine will be working harder if it has a very tight belt and your engine working harder will result in more gas usage. You can loosen the belt by adjusting it using a wrench. By doing this, you are making your car more fuel efficient.

4. Roll down the windows when it is summertime.

Your gas consumption increases when you use the air conditioner. During summertime, you can use the AC but it is better to use it only when driving on the highway. At other times or reduced speeds, it is recommended to have your windows rolled down. If you are running fast and you have your windows open, you are increasing resistance and therefore reducing fuel efficiency.

5. Avoid loading up too much.

If you have too much weight carried in your car, chances are it will also be using more fuel to carry it. According to the estimate, for every 100-pound vehicle, it increases its fuel usage by 2 percent. So make sure that you check your trunk and unload the items that are not needed in your vehicle.

6. Drive during peak hours.

If it will only be possible, it is better to avoid driving during rush hours because if you spend a lot of time idling in traffic, you are only increasing your fuel consumption. If you know that you will be on a longer trip, better leave the house early so that you can avoid the traffic.

7. Check your tires.

You should make it a habit to check the tires of your vehicles regularly. Your car’s tires are one of the easiest ones to check and maintain. They are also easy to fill if they are underinflated but you have to make sure that they are not, otherwise, your car will be required to work harder in order to fight against the additional resistance. And of course, when your car works harder, it will be using more fuel.

8. Avoid warming up in the winter.

During winter, most people warm up their vehicles before driving, but you have to make sure that when you do this, you keep it to a minute or two the most. That’s because it will definitely be using up more of your gas.

9. Watch over your speed limit.

When you drive faster, your vehicle will require more fuel so try to stick to the required speed limit or drive a little under the limit.

10. Choose the right vehicle.

Not all cars have the same gas consumption so if you are going to purchase a car, choose the one with outstanding gas mileage.

11. Maximize your rewards card.

Since you always get gas refill, might as well get a rewards card so that you can earn points every time you refill and eventually use your rewards points to save or get discounts on gas purchases.


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