Home Remedies to Fix Light Scratches on Your Car’s Paint

Scratches on your cars paint looking at a used car inspection checklist

Whether you drive brand new or utilized auto, finding some imprints, scratches, or scrape checks can send you into a dissatisfaction winding. While there are numerous DIY approaches to managing such, some are trickier compared to the others on the grounds that you could make your auto’s paint work look far more terrible.

Chips and scratches on your car’s paint job cannot be avoided at all costs. It doesn’t matter how much care you put into your vehicle. Its paint job will surely get some imperfections once in a while. However, a good car paint repair can make those scratches and chips look as if it never happened. There’s no other best time to treat a paint scratch or chip more than the moment you discover it.

How to fix light scratches on your cars paint?

The first step to avoiding these problems, especially when you’re planning to buy used cars, is to look for an auto dealer that is of good repute and will give you justice for your purchase, just like Carfect. They will also help you in financing your great used cars! However, should the light scratches be really unavoidable, it’s best that you read below, as we present to you a list of car paint restoration tips that will surely help you get rid of those in no time.

Toothpastes will do the magic

Using a damp piece of soft cloth smeared with ample amount of toothpaste, you sure could erase scratches and scuff marks on your vehicles without having to exert too much effort and work. This trick is best when the scratches or scuff marks aren’t too deep yet and have not fully penetrated the innermost part of your car’s clear coating. You can determine if a scratch is too big to buff with toothpaste when you can grab a hold of it using your finger nails.

Another wonderful work of toothpaste is to sand down the uneven surfaces of your vehicle’s glossy sheen by filling in the gaps. Always make sure that before you use this technique, the area around it is clean because the last thing you would want to do is to buff dirt particles and debris to your car’s paint job. The toothpaste will also act as an abrasive that helps remove any foreign part outside your car’s paint job.

Another trick is to try shoe polish

The shoe polish hack will work on areas that are clean. The first step you would need to do is to make sure that the surroundings of the affected part are clean and that you have examined the scratch very carefully. Wipe around with soap and water and then thoroughly dry the area of the car’s paint job. Next thing you’ll need is a shoe polish. It is quite impossible to have a polish with the same color as your car’s, so the best option is to pick ones which are a shade darker than your car’s color.

Apply the shoe polish directly onto the area of the scratch, and this will spread out, filling in the scratch gaps or small dents on your vehicles. It’s not going to be much easier for you to remove the scratch using sandpaper. But make sure that you do this very gently as you wouldn’t want to worsen the situation of your car’s paint job.

Removal by sanding

Small scratches are easily removed by sanding down its surrounding sections. This technique needs to be done very carefully. Take note that you will need to use shoe polisher first before anything else. Sanding down a lot would only damage the next layer of your car’s paint job and will just bring more damage to the outer appearance of your car.

That is what the shoe polish guide does. It gives you a guide on how hard or soft you could possibly sand down. One technique is to keep sanding down until the shoe polish is completely removed. After that, use a soft clean cloth to buff the area off and check if the scratch has completely gone. Too deep of a scratch requires going and visiting an auto detailing shop.

Use nail polish

While these colorful liquid nail lacquers make your wife or girlfriend’s nails look pretty, you could snatch some from them. Use it as your car’s remover. Some scratches cannot be simply removed by sanding. Others are removed by buffing. Hence, the last option you have is to have them covered. Available in different shades and colors, nail polishes can quite possibly match every car color.

This makes that wonderful little thing an effective car paint scratch remover! Remember to choose the color closest to your car. If the scratch is still visible in two to three cover-ups, consult an expert.

No scratch wax? Use candle wax!

Candle wax can also be used to remove light scratches on your car’s paint job. It is not actually considered a scratch remover but it will surely be more than what you expect of it. Candle waxes can cover up lightly damaged areas. The wax will act as a sealant that would cover and seal the scratch

However, you should note that this is a temporary solution.  This may transform to a long-term problem so you may rethink your choices.

Super glue got you

With super glue being transparent, this will act as an invisible leveling agent to the scratch. May it be on your car’s paint job damage and its surrounding area. Its ability to blend with the damage makes it an awesome car paint scratch cover. Just be sure that you don’t overdo it or else, it’s another big problem.

These home remedies for light scratches on your car’s paint job are just temporary fixes. You must bear in mind that some of those mentioned above may not be applicable for other types of scratches. If in case you’re not sure of what to do, bring your car to a professional. Have them checked on your vehicle’s paint job.


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