Common Car Engine Problems You Need to Know

Car engine inspection

Most car owners encounter engine problems that prevent them from reaching maximum efficiency. Every car owner should undergo maintenance to improve the performance of their cars. Car problems disrupt every owner’s errands they need to do.

How do car engine problems affect you?

Fixing engine problems incur additional expenses on the owner. When someone’s car is being worked on, they have to leave it with the mechanics working on it. For the duration of the repairs, they have to go without personal transportation and have to endure commuting instead.

What are the most common engine problems?

To enlighten every car owner about potential engine problems, follow through this list. It shares information about basic problems and troubleshooting.

Oxygen sensors

One of the most vital parts of an engine, this monitors the air-fuel mixture within the engine. These readings affect vital engine functions, including timing and the air-fuel mixture itself. After a period of time, these sensors begin to respond slower, leading to failure.

Common signs of oxygen sensor failure:

  • Poor engine performance
  • Car engine begins to use more gas
  • The engine begins to misfire

When car owners utilize dysfunctional oxygen sensors, the check engine light turns on. Replacing it is the next best thing, especially for older car models.

Spark plugs

Spark plugs may appear small but are essential to cars. When these get broken, it’s something that needs attention quickly. These tiny parts make the car move forward and ignite the gas inside the engine.

Broken spark plugs result in the engine not properly starting. If not replaced quickly, this affects the overall performance of the car. It also affects gas mileage, and can even cause accidents.

Fuel caps

Fuel caps secure the entry for the gas tank for every vehicle. Commonly made of metal or plastic, they consist of a rubber gasket that locks the gas inside to prevent accidents. Once the cap goes missing, it leads to evaporation of the gas from the car. This causes a significant decrease in gas mileage. Car owners spend more money for gas since they need to keep filling up.


The cooling system in cars provides comfort during long drives. During hot weather, people turn on the air conditioners to cool them off. It consists of a metal valve and a temperature sensor. However, when people turn the knob too much, it breaks.

People use the thermostat through the knob. When it’s closed, it keeps the car cooled down. However, if it’s open, air circulates better. Circulation prevents overheating within the car. When this fails, the car is likely to overheat.

Coolant or oil leaks

One obvious way of knowing when a car is leaking is through the dark spots underneath. The car automatically turns on its check oil light when burning oil is detected. Other signs include the engine beginning to overheat and emitting smoke. 

Oil leaks are a dangerous matter as, without oil, the car won’t be lubricated. Car owners can tell when there is an oil leak when the temperature gauge rises. Other signs are when there are drops of coolant underneath the vehicle, rust-colored stains are found on the engine, or the radiator levels begin to drop. This results in overheating and poor performance.

How to prevent car problems?

In buying used cars, it’s best to buy from a place that people trust, like Carfect, where they ensure the cars are in top condition. The following are tips on how to prevent engine problems. Follow these tips to prevent car issues and further expenses.

  • Always check the thermostat, coolant, and radiator levels.
  • Before going for a long drive, check the temperature gauge and make sure the car has enough oil to prevent overheating.
  • Consult a mechanic for regular flushing and routine maintenance.
  • Refrain from using the air conditioning during immensely hot weather conditions.
  • Turn on the heater to let the air circulate and prevent overheating.

Ensure your safety by having your car checked regularly. This prevents car problems and lets you save money. When you think of buying an old car, buy from a place that everyone trusts, like Carfect. They ensure the safety of the owner and the quality of the car being sold.


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