Why Choose In-house Financing with Car Dealers?

in-house financing

A lot of people who are planning to buy a car don’t realize the benefits that in-house car financing offers. Whether it is a new or a used car, choosing to purchase a vehicle with in-house financing provides several advantages. Not only will it help guarantee car ownership sooner, it can also help you save money in several different ways. Before we dig into the real benefits of in-house financing, let us first review the concept.

In-house financing is an option offered by many retailers to help customers when it comes to the purchasing process. With in-house financing, customers can purchase the goods and services of a retailer through a loan. Today, one of the most prominent users of in-house financing are the retailers in the automobile industry. That’s because their business depends on the consumers who take out an auto loan to be able to buy a vehicle.

Why should you choose in-house financing?

Thinking of buying a car soon? Here are some good reasons why in-house financing is an excellent option to consider.

Convenient purchasing process

Applying for an auto loan is no easy task. Not only is it time-consuming, it also involves a tedious process with so many steps. Instead of going through the hassle of trying to get an auto loan pre-approved, opt for in-house financing.

In-house financing offers a more convenient and faster process. It also offers many other benefits including flexible interest rates and extended warranties. By taking this route, you are also taking a shortcut to car ownership. It means that you can finally get your hands on the steering wheel of your desired vehicle.

Easier qualification

One of the things that keep people from getting approved for an auto loan is their credit standing. With in-house financing, you won’t have to let your credit score get in the way of driving your dream car. In-house financing is more flexible when it comes to approval.

It’s also important to note that this option does not promise lower interest rates for people with less than stellar credit score. The good news is that those with bad credit may take advantage of the option to refinance their higher interest rate loan after a year.  This is if payments are made in full and on time.

More flexibility

In-house financing gives dealerships the ability to be more flexible and accommodating. This means that the car purchasing process won’t have to be difficult for you. The retailer will be willing to work with your specific budget. Some of them might even throw a few incentives.

Realistic shopping

Another reason why in-house financing is convenient is that the dealership will take a look at your financial information before showing you your options. They will handle the information and determine your budget. You’ll know how much you can afford before seeing a single vehicle.

Helps establish credit

People with bad or no credit score are going to enjoy the benefit of getting a boost on their credit score. In-house financing can help improve your credit standing and most likely you’ll see the change a month or two after the purchase.

Extensive options when it comes to car model

If you think you can’t get a newer and more comfortable car model without enough cash, you thought wrong. In-house financing gives you the ability to afford a better car. By choosing this option, you won’t have to settle for less. You won’t have to choose an old vehicle and stick with it as if you don’t have a choice. You can buy a vehicle that is comfortable. It is also something you can be proud to call your own.

When it comes to car shopping, in-house financing is definitely an excellent option to consider. Not only does it offer a plethora of benefits, but it can also be the only solution to finally be able to drive the car of your dreams! For more information about car ownership and in-house financing, please feel free to visit Carfect.


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