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Driving Tips

Winter driving tips

10 Safe Winter Driving Tips

There are a few good things to love about the winter season. But, when it comes to driving, this season can be a bit dangerous. Every year, thousands of people get injured in vehicular accidents because of snowy roads. The ice on the roads makes them too slippery for the drivers to navigate which results in accidents. This is why it is

teaching teens to drive

6 Tips for Teaching Your Teen to Drive

The very thought of teaching teens to drive on their own is somewhat scary for parents. They worry about the fact that they are putting their children behind the wheel of one of their prized and dangerous possessions. But, at some point, parents will have to overcome this fear and teach their

Driving Tips

7 Car Driving Tips for Beginners

Driving can be both exciting and daunting task, especially for beginners. If you have just acquired your license and eager to grab the keys and hit the road, it is important that you thoroughly learn the basics first and consider a few safety driving tips. You need to know that there are lot of possible risks and dangers that you can face when you are

Winter driving

How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter Driving

Soon enough, the season is beginning to transition to winter. And while there are people who love the snow, for those who own vehicles, it is the entire opposite. The winter season can be detrimental to your car, especially when there is blizzard cropping out of nowhere. It is not

Car Paint

Unveiling the Artistry of Car Paint: Six Key Insights

Unveiling the Artistry of Car Paint: Six Key Insights In the world of automobiles, car paint is the unsung hero, an artistic canvas that tells the story of a vehicle’s character and personality. In this exploration, we’ll delve deep into the layers of car paint, uncovering six crucial aspects that every auto enthusiast should understand …

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Car Engine

Importance of Car Engine Warm Up Before Driving

Many people have been led to believe that it is important to warm up a car or any vehicle before driving off. But this idea is an old one and mostly applies to old cars because older models would not run smoothly unless they reached the correct operating temperature. The truth is that at present, there is really no need to warm up your car’s engine before hitting the road off. It will only require running for just a matter of seconds to get full oil pressure throughout the engine, so you can go ahead and just drive off when you need to. Newer cars work this way because of the use of electronic fuel injection systems, which are designed to provide a perfectly combustible mixture and normal throttle at all temperatures all the time. The only time when it can be considered important to warm up your car for some time

Preventive Maintenance

7 Preventive Maintenance Tips You Need to Do on Your Car

One of the most important things you can do as a car owner is to have regular preventive maintenance in order to keep your ride healthy and to save your pocket from spending on repairs in the future. Anyone who had worked on cars and had spent a great deal of money on cars will tell you that preventive maintenance is not something that can just be ignored, most especially the basics because they can help you catch something before something even more serious happens. And as for your money, preventive maintenance can help you save thousands. Take the time to read your owner’s manual Regardless of the vehicle, there is always the maintenance schedule inside it that you must religiously follow. Just like any appliance or piece of technology, it is important for you to check

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Fuel Economy Driving Tips: Making the Most Out Of Your Fuel

With the constantly increasing cost of fuel, it is becoming more and more important to save up on gas. The daily trip going to and fro can use up a gas of tank very quickly. So, if you do not want your monthly gas bills to be skyrocketing, here are some tips that will help you make the most out of your each and every tank of fuel. One way for you to make sure that your car is running efficiently is by changing its oil and filter. Most of the time, these things really have to be changed if your car has already been running 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Remember that if your vehicle is efficient, you will be using less fuel. If you have a dirty air filter, your vehicle will be compelled to use more gas because your car’s engine will be able to get less air than what it is supposed to

different tire sizes

Understanding Different Tire Sizes and Other Specifications

When buying tires, there are some key points that you have to consider. And before you even decide, you have to understand the basics, including the sizes, the specifications, and the uses or applications. It is important for you to know and understand these things because you need to be aware of your tire’s technical …

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winter driving tips

Winter Driving Tips: How to Prevent Window Haze

It’s the winter season all over again; this means blistering winds, freezing weather, hoodies and snowflakes, and hazes on your car window? What!? Kidding aside, windshields, car mirrors, and windows are much affected, and they must be the well-cleaned parts of a sedan this winter season. This means they are the parts that need extra wintry protections. With winter being a natural phenomenon, all we can do is to perform preventive measures to get rid of that haze on your car window these frosty times. Let’s try to break the ice! Here are five easy winter driving tips on how to prevent car window haze this winter season. First things first —if your car has a defroster, you’ll need that. It’s going to be a definite lifesaver.

Winter Driving

Pros and Cons of Warming Up Your Vehicle for Winter Driving

One of the advice you may be hearing from your friends, parents and co-workers is that you need to warm up your car before driving, especially when it is cold outside. But, is that even really true? If you consider older car versions, especially the ones that were manufactured before 1995, these vehicles actually used carburetor – the device which combines air and fuel. However, at present, the need for carburetor has already been eliminated because of the switch to a fuel injection method in the year 1980’s and 1990’s.
So what does this mean?