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Used Cars in Chicago

Drive with Confidence – Why Carfect is the Top Choice for Used Cars in Chicago

When it comes to buying used cars in Chicago Carfect stands out as the top choice for smart shoppers. Our Buy Here Pay Here dealership offers unbeatable value, hassle-free financing, and a commitment to quality assurance. In this blog, we’ll explore the statistical data that sets Carfect used car dealerships on Cicero in Chicago apart …

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Buying a Car with no Credit History

What You Need to Know About Buying a Car With No Credit History

It is not easy to get a car loan with no credit score. Despite being aware of your unique circumstance, some lenders may just offer assurance but then run the numbers just the same. That is because they do not do a manual analysis. Instead, they just feed your information to the computer, and they you will end up getting rejected. There are many people such as college students and fresh college grads who do not have a credit score because of the fact that they have never had credit. Others have not also used credit in a long time like the retirees, and these are the reasons why they cannot generate a score. But what you need to know is that as long as you have some money and you really need to get a car, then you definitely can. Here are the important things that

paperwork process

Second Hand Car: How To Do The Paperwork Processes

Having the paperwork in order is one of the most tedious tasks of buying a second hand car. If you’ve followed the steps that we formulated, then you should be working on the paperwork processes. The paperwork process of owning a car can be a dull subject matter. If it isn’t, then you might not have owned a car yet. But, if you have and you still feel the same, that’s great! You’re one of the few people that feel that way. Among the annoyance of having to wait in a long line at the DMV, plus possible misunderstandings, it’s best that you’re equipped. Equipped to better gauge how fast you can finish processing the paperwork, so that you can drive your newly purchased car

Buy Here Pay Here

What Should You Expect From Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

Going to a Buy Here Pay Here, or BHPH, dealership may scare you a little bit. There are so many rumors and whatnots going around that they only offer high interest rates together with hidden fees. Plus, some say that they require a larger down payment. However, you’ve got to be given real information. Buy Here Pay Here dealers, unlike before, don’t work like savages that just sell you a car even if they know it’s a lemon. There are now very strict laws, both state and federal, to keep dealerships in tow for selling lemons. Plus, these same laws also make sure that the interest rates aren’t substantially higher than what you’d pay at the bank. Some people have also said they’ve had a run-in with hidden fees like administration fees, auto inspector fees, delivery fees. However, these are the people who didn’t think twice about what they’re getting into.

Myths About Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

The Top 6 Myths About Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

A whole host of myths endure in the world. Not all of those myths are of the Loch Ness variety. Quite a few misguided ideas hang over the heads of auto dealers. Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) dealers absolutely have to deal with prominent myths that impact customer behavior. Maybe it is time to really start addressing these false notions. Buy Here Pay Here dealers finance cars without a third-party lender. In other words, a person looking to purchase a car can borrow from the dealer. Financial institutions such as banks and credit unions may choose not to lend to a particular borrower due to credit woes. A BHPH dealer simply extends credit, which is to say the seller creates a loan for the buyer.

Common Misconceptions About Buy Here Pay Here

6 Common Misconceptions About Buy Here Pay Here Dealers

There are numerous misconceptions about Buy Here Pay Here dealers or dealerships. The most common misconception is paying out more than what was talked about. Busting these misnomers and myths will help you see the advantages of BHPH. It is easy to be misinformed nowadays, but what better place to let you in on BHPH than us! To start, buying a car is a very big decision to make. So, before purchasing a car, there are some things you have to consider such as finances or payment plans. Although there is a certain way that BHPH dealers function, there are also some very common misconceptions about them as well. Therefore, before second guessing whether or not you should find a BHPH dealership to get your car, read this first.