Choosing the Best Used Cars for Teens to Drive

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When buying a used car, especially cars for teens to drive, it is only imperative to consider everything that it takes to ensure your teens’ safety when driving. It means that while you are trying to make vehicle fit your budget, you need to choose a quality and reliable model that won’t make you regret in the long run.

There are a number of considerations that you have to take when selecting a good car for a young driver. Of course, they will want something that looks good, and you want something that is practical. The bottom line is, even if you are buying a used car, you need to look for the newest and yet the most reliable one that you can afford.

But before anything else, it will be best if you allow your teen to establish safe driving records before you completely allow them free access to the road. It is normal for any parent to want to their child a sense of independence, but you should not be in a rush. While you wait, it is also important that you know how to choose the best car for your teen driver.

Here are some important tips that you need to consider.

Car model

When choosing a model, try to avoid the sporty type of car. Why? It is because these are the vehicles that have a higher capacity to increase speed compared to other car models. If you allow your teen to drive this type, they might be inclined to test the performance of the car and speed up unnecessarily which could put them at a higher risk for accidents.

Avoid choosing SUVs and pick-up trucks. These cars might be ideal because they are bigger and you might think they are safer. However, they can also be more dangerous especially in times of accidents because these are the ones that are more likely to roll over in a crash.

You can opt for the full-size passenger and later car models. These are better options because they offer sufficient weight which means that they are not too light, nor too heavy. The later models also have at least updated safety features. If you choose a smaller car, it might be less safe for your teen because of its size and weight.

Safety features

Choose the cars which have other airbags included aside from the standard passenger and driver airbags. If it has side airbags, it will be much better for an added protection in cases of a crash.

If the car has electronic safety feature like Electronic Stability Control, it will be an ideal choice so you won’t have to worry so much about your child’s safety.

Choose a car which also has good crash-testing results. This will come in handy especially for someone who does not have much experience in driving. If you must, never choose a car without antilock brakes.


Consider reliability when selecting a vehicle because not all used cars have the warranty protection which is common with new cars. When you have a vehicle you are already eyeing, might as well do your research, inspection, and find out everything that you can about this used vehicle. You cannot risk the safety of your child, and you may intend them to drive this car in the years to come.

Bring an experienced mechanic to do the inspection for you. Before finally making the purchase, it is always important for the used car to be inspected by a qualified technician. This way, he can check everything that needs to be checked, and can even do a test drive.

Just bear in mind that because you are buying a used car, even if it is practical, it entails a few risks. That’s because an older vehicle requires more maintenance. However, it also does not mean that it is entirely unsafe and disadvantageous to choose a used car. You just have to do your part in doing your research and inspection, and follow the tips stated above to narrow down your options to find the safest and most reliable car model for your teen to drive.

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