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Ready to get the Auto of your Dreams? Since the year of 1990, Carfect has developed a solid reputation as a car dealership that is honest and provides a high level of reliability in the used car sector in Waukegan and Chicago. In addition to offering a vast selection of vehicles, the dealership also provides in-house financing for their customers. Regardless of past credit history, financial complications, or income limitations, Carfect strives to meet the individual needs of each of its customers.

The dealership believes in upholding the highest level of integrity and strives to meet the needs of each customer in a respectful manner. Regardless of your needs, Carfect will accommodate you! In order to learn more about what the dealership has to offer, how they are able to assist you, and more details about this top-rated business, we urge you to continue reading.

Buy Here, Pay Here

Carfect is a buy here, pay here dealership. This type of dealership is a positive and productive choice if you have found it difficult to obtain credit for financing a vehicle due to fixed income, a less-than-perfect credit history, or no credit history. It is a known fact that most are unable to make a vehicle purchase with cash. As a result, we must obtain the financing necessary through third-party lenders.

These include carmaker-based companies that specialize in lending, credit unions, and banks; however, if there are financial or credit issues, obtaining financing through these types of companies may prove to be impossible. This is where Carfect stands out above the rest. This dealership strives to ensure that it works closely with all applicants on an individual basis to provide the lending opportunities that may not otherwise be available for the purchase of a vehicle.

Buy here, pay here dealerships are capable of arranging a loan for a vehicle and allow customers to make the payments on the loan directly through the dealership. Carfect provides this one-stop process and acts as both the dealer and the finance company. The loan decision is made directly by Carfect, which means that the approval needed for the loan is nearly always guaranteed! By working directly with the buy here, pay here dealership, Carfect, you will experience the following benefits:

  • Suppose you are a borrower who has a few credit challenges. In that case, you have a very good opportunity to be placed in the vehicle of your choice if you work directly with Carfect compared to a low opportunity if you attempt to obtain financing with a traditional lender.
  • Carfect will report your payments to the credit bureau; as a result of this fact, by simply making your payments on-time, you will repair your less-than-favorable credit history.
  • Carfect deals in pre-owned vehicles. This means that you have a very good chance of being able to use your older vehicle as part of the down payment process when obtaining a newer vehicle from the dealership.

If you have an interest in a one-stop buying experience for your next vehicle, Carfect is the way to go! The buy here, pay here system saves you a tremendous amount of time and allows you to avoid many of the common hassles associated with purchasing a vehicle. Carfect knows and understands that circumstances occur in life that may prove to be detrimental to an individual’s finances; however, they also believe that everyone should have the same opportunity to purchase a vehicle. The dealership not only works to aid in obtaining the financing that you need but they also expedite the car-buying process so that you may pull your next vehicle off the lot as quickly as possible!

Carfect Financing Process

Carfect has a relatively standing financing process as far as the minimum requirements for approval are concerned; however, the dealership knows that each person’s situation is unique. As a basic requirement, the dealership requires a valid form of identification and that you reside within 50 miles of one of the dealership’s locations. Additionally, the business prefers a minimum of $1,000 in monthly income.

If you do not meet these requirements, you should still contact Carfect. The professionals will work with you closely to determine alternative options to the minimum requirements. The dealership actually sets the financing criteria, so they are willing and capable of being a bit more accommodating to those who need additional assistance.

Many are hesitant to apply with Carfect because they have a prior bankruptcy, have had one or more vehicles repossessed in their lifetime, have a poor credit score, or have no credit at all. You should know and understand that none of this is an issue with this dealership. Not only is the in-house financing a great way to build credit, but it is also a wonderful way to repair credit!

Additionally, if you have issues proving the amount of income that you have each month, simply give the dealership a call. They will be able to provide you with alternative forms of documentation that you may bring in place of a traditional pay stub! The financing process is a highly flexible process. Carfect will work closely with you to help you get the financing that you need with what you have to get it!

Commitment to Dependability and Quality

Throughout the history of the Buy Here Pay Here dealership, many believe that less-than-quality vehicles are placed on the lots of these types of dealerships. This is a common misconception. Carfect has a high level of commitment when it comes to dependability and quality. Each vehicle placed for sale on the dealership’s lot is dealer-certified.

Carfect is a wonderful place to obtain financing, build your credit or repair your credit, and drive off with the car of your dreams! Simply pull into excellent customer service and variety today and drive out with the vehicle that you want! You have nothing to lose, but  ALL to gain!


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