Car Dashboard Lights – What They Mean

car dashboard lights

Ever wonder what the little symbols in your car dashboard mean? Those little symbols that light up every time you turn on the ignition of your car? Well, those symbols are electronics and sensors that monitor how the vehicle is behaving. These electronics make it easy for you to monitor your car.  Some of those car dashboard symbols shouldn’t be neglected and taken for granted because they could be indicating something that needs to be tended. It’s important to learn what these symbols mean because they can help you determine what’s wrong with your car. Here are those car dashboard lights and what they mean.

Brake Warning Light

The car’s brakes are one of its most important parts of the vehicle. If this symbol lights up in your dashboard, it indicates that there is something wrong with your car’s brake system. When this symbol lights up, it’s best that you get your car checked immediately.

Engine Warning Light

 If this warning light is illuminated, it indicates that there is an issue with your vehicle’s engine. Engine issues can be as small as a minor faulty electrical sensor or it could be a big mechanical issue. If your vehicle’s engine warning light is illuminated, make sure to get professional help to check your car. Driving around with this warning light on may further cause substantial damage to your engine.

Airbag Warning Indicator

The airbag is a great invention as it gives people a safety net in the event of a car crash. A faulty airbag will not come out when there is a car crash so you and your companions inside the car wouldn’t be protected from injuries. Another possibility is that your airbag may deploy even when there’s no crash and when you least expect it which will cause an injury. If this warning light is illuminated, have it fixed as soon as you can.

Power Steering Warning Light

 If the power steering warning light is on, this may mean that something is wrong with your car’s steering system. If your car’s steering system experiences a failure, your car’s steering will go heavy and you’ll need to put in more effort to change your car’s direction. This will be a hazard when you are running at high speed and you need to make a sudden change in the lane to avoid any obstacles.

Engine Temperature or Coolant Warning Light

A car’s engine needs a coolant to maintain its temperature on the lower side. If this coolant warning light illuminates in your dashboard, it indicates that your coolant levels are running low. If your temperature reading is red, it means that your engine is overheating. What you need to do is pull over and let your engine cool down. If there is a sign that it has a larger problem, have your gauge checked and have it topped up if necessary.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

Similar to the car’s coolant warning light, the oil warning light will light up if the oil temperature gets a little bit too high or the level is low or the pressure is too low. You would want to avoid the low level and low pressure most. The purpose of oil in the vehicle is to lubricate your engine. The oil pump is used to spray the substance to the corners of the engine to keep it lubricated. If the temperature gets too high, the lubricator wouldn’t be effective anymore. When this warning light illuminates, it’s time to stop your engine and call for a professional help.

Battery Charge Warning Light

This car dashboard light turns on normally when you ignite your car’s engine, but when it doesn’t go out after a few seconds, it means your car’s battery is low or there is something wrong with the vehicle’s electrical system. Other things that could possibly trigger this warning light is a faulty connection or cabling or a faulty alternator. Check your alternator if it is still doing its job of charging your car battery. This will pose a threat or hazard when your car suddenly halts at the highway. Try to get to the root of the problem or have a mechanic determine the problem and fix it for you.

Tire Pressure Warning Light

When this car dashboard symbol lights up, it means that at least one of your vehicle’s tires is running low on pressure. The solution is easy, go to the nearest gas station and add air to them as needed.

Seatbelt Warning Light

When this symbol lights up, it means that you aren’t wearing your seatbelt and that is a safety precaution you have to follow. This won’t need a professional’s help, but it will require you to don the seatbelt for your own safety. Seat belts are effective in saving lives when a car accident occurs. It reduces possible injuries so when you go out to drive, make sure to put on your seat belt.

These dashboard lights may be ignorable but when they light up, please don’t take them for granted. They are crucial to keeping your vehicle in top shape. If you want your car, especially used cars, to work for more years to come, make sure to have it checked when one of these lights illuminate. If you need any professional help, you can visit Carfect today.


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