5 Ways to Keep Yourself Safe When Buying a Car

buying a car

A lot of the things we were accustomed to have changed in one way or another – buying a car included. So what if you have plans to buy a car? How do you practice social distancing and keep yourself safe and protected?

Here are some useful tips you might find handy. 

Use the internet for research

Thanks to the internet, people can do thorough research on anything they plan to buy without setting foot outside their homes. The internet is a vast resource so make the most of it, especially when you consider buying a car. This helps reduce or eliminate the need for a person-to-person interaction at the dealership. 

If you haven’t decided on the specific vehicle yet, explore your options by checking online. With a few clicks and taps on the keyboard, you can come up with an extensive list of selections to narrow down later on. Visit the websites of your local car dealers and see what they have available. Write them down including the selling prices of the vehicles. Don’t forget to read through reviews and information about reliability, safety, and other important factors that may influence your buying decision. 

Ask about the dealership’s precautionary measures

In the time of a global health scare, there’s nothing wrong with asking the dealership about the preventive measures they have in place to keep their customers protected. Find out what they’re currently doing to keep their shop and cars clean, how they transact with their clients and if they have a program in place to continue business without putting their customers’ health and safety at risk. 

Are they following the guidelines set by the CDC? Are they putting the safety of their customers as their top priority? What steps are they taking to keep their facilities clean and their employees and customers protected?

Disinfect the car before doing a test drive

One of the vital steps any potential car buyer takes before completing a purchase is the test drive. While you certainly shouldn’t skip this step when buying a car, it’s equally important to consider the fact that several people may have already laid hands on the steering wheel, the door handle, buttons, and other high-touch surfaces.

Have these areas wiped down and disinfected. As for used cars, dealers would usually disinfect the vehicle as it is part of their preparation process but you can always double-check to make sure the interiors and carpets are thoroughly cleaned. Or bring your own sanitizing wipes and do it yourself. (Also bring a small plastic bag for disposing of the used wipes!)

Keep your hands clean and off your face

Just like you would when visiting other public places, keeping your hands clean is a must. Always keep a hand sanitizer handy if water isn’t accessible. Wash and disinfect your hands after touching high-touch areas in public areas. Or wear disposable gloves. These come in latex, nylon, nitrile, and other materials.

Wear a face mask as often as possible, especially in crowded places. Practice social distancing and keep your hands off your face. Keep a safe distance from people who are ill and cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough. 

Avoid shaking hands even when you’ve closed the deal

People would usually shake hands after closing a deal. However, a time of pandemic isn’t the best time to practice this tradition and we all understand why. Avoid shaking hands with people or getting too close to them. As much as possible, use your own pen when signing documents. And if the exchange of papers and pen is inevitable, wash your hands afterward. 

Your health and safety should always be a top priority no matter what. So if you’re buying a car, stay protected and safe by following these tips!

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