Ways to Get an Auto Loan with a Low Credit Score

Low Credit Score

How to get an auto loan with a low credit score?

The first thing you need to do if you want to get a car loan is to shop around so that you can have an idea about the interest rates and you can start comparing.

And if you want to make sure you can get your dream car with a low credit score, here are some tips you may want to consider.

1. Don’t believe everything that you hear

People might say that it’s impossible for you to purchase a vehicle because your credit is bad. That is not the case because you might have better chances of getting your loan approved than someone with a good credit score. It is always on a case-to-case basis.

2. Shop around

Do not settle with the first lender who had your car loan approved. Different lenders may have different ways of looking at your credit history, and that is the reason why it is important that you shop around.

3. Start within your community

When looking for a place where you can get a car loan, start with the bank or credit union closest to you or wherever you already have a checking account.

4. Explore your other options

Instead of going straight to lenders, check out your other options for car loans. You may still be able to get assistance from local and national banks or reputable online lenders.

5. Ask for help from friends and family members

Trying to get an auto loan is not something you really have to do alone, especially when you know some people who have been in the same situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for their help, as they may be able to share more useful information with you. Aside from this, they can help you negotiate the loan terms, especially when it does not seem fair.

6. Focus on loan terms instead of the monthly payments

When looking for the cheapest price,  focus on the yearly percentage of your loan based on the shortest period covered. Don’t focus on the low amount you will have to pay every month. Monthly payment seems low; however, it changes as time passes by. Interest rates get higher, resulting in poor decisions made.

Don’t get carried away by the promises of low monthly payments. Think about how much you will pay for the interest and the overall cost of the vehicle.

7. Check what add-ons are included

You must be wary of your lending contract’s unnecessary goods and services. Make sure that you are not purchasing anything that is not necessary, like extended warranties, insurance, and others.

8. Ensure the terms are final

If you transact through a dealer, make sure that the contract of agreement you are signing is final. It should not be contingent or conditional. There are cases where buyers just get surprised.  After a few months, changes happen with their rates. Or an increase in the required down payment happens.

There are even times when the interest rates just suddenly spike. This event is usually referred to as a “yo-yo scam,” and you need to be careful so that you don’t get trapped. Do a background check on the dealer. This helps in making the right decision. You avoid becoming a poor victim of their scam.


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