8 Things that Make Changing a Tire Much Easier

Changing a tire

Flat tires occur and even if they happen less frequently nowadays, they are not the most exciting thing to experience when you’re in the middle of driving. Because tire blowouts are inevitable, it’s important for every car owner to be familiar with the tire-changing process. It’s a basic skill that everybody who sits behind the steering wheel should know by heart. If you’re among those who dread changing a tire, there’s no need to fret. Here are some tips to make changing a car tire a lot easier.

Be familiar with your jack

One of the first steps before changing a tire is to assemble a jack. This is how it’s done on most cars.  An assembled jack is what’s used to raise the vehicle high enough so that the flat tire can be replaced with a temporary spare tire. However, you shouldn’t wait until you encounter a flat tire before you try to figure out the jack. Putting it together will only have to take a few minutes so getting yourself familiar with it ahead of time won’t hurt.

Check the condition of your spare tire regularly

The temporary spare is usually stored in the trunk of the vehicle so that it’s readily available whenever needed.However, make it a point to check the spare tire on a regular basis and make sure it’s in good shape. You don’t want to be surprised and find out it is also flat by the time it’s needed for use.

Checking the condition of your spare tire means checking the tire pressure. This is something you don’t really have to do yourself as it can be done at car washes or any gas station.

Try to prevent flat tires as much as possible

It is always a good practice to monitor the wear and tear on your car tires. Also, check the tire pressure on a regular basis and make sure they are not overinflated or underinflated. Take a good look at the condition of the tread. Replace that looks bad or uneven. You may also consider rotation your tires to even out the wear. More importantly, take note of your tires’ age. They will eventually require replacement. Knowing how old they are will tell you when to get them replaced before they even fail.

Be ready for when flat happens

Blowing a tire is sometimes inevitable no matter how careful we are. That is why it is best to always be ready when flat happens. It pays to know what to do when unexpected events take place. Make sure you have everything you needed to make changing a car tire easier. Aside from a jack, have a pair of gloves always handy to protect your hands. Also, keep an extra shirt, hat, warm coat and even warning flares in cases of emergency.

Have your tires insured

Your car’s insurance is a pretty good investment. You can never tell when your tires are going to blow out so it would be a smart decision to buy a relatively inexpensive guarantee every time you get new tires.

Make sure your spare tire is always in your car

Many new vehicles do not have a spare tire. Make sure yours always has one. Don’t assume that it’s there.

Heed the advice of your trusted mechanic

Do you have a trusted mechanic you go to for the repairs and maintenance of your vehicle? If so, be sure to heed their advice. They are the person who can spot car issues and problems that would have, otherwise, gone unnoticed. They can also help you determine whether or not your tires already need a replacement.

Know when to reach out to the pros

Changing a tire is something that any car owner can just perform on their own. However, there are times when this task can be hazardous that it may require you to call the pros. Having a flat tire in the middle of the night is one of the instances when roadside assistance can come in handy. Be sure to have the numbers saved on your mobile phone so you can immediately get help when needed.

Dealing with flat tires are never fun, but with the help of these tips, changing a tire can be a lot easier.

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