7 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean and Virus-Free

keeping car clean

From cold and flu to more serious illnesses, the threat of disease is around us all the time. If you think going out in your own car provides a measure of safety, know that it doesn’t eliminate the risk of infection. In fact, you may get germs on your hands and then touch the door handle, steering wheel, radio dials, etc. The germs will be spread to those surfaces where they may infect others or even come back to infect you after you’ve washed or sanitized your hands.

It’s important to keep your car clean and virus-free to keep yourself and your family healthy. Follow these tips to keep your car clean!

Use the right cleaning tools

The right products can help kill viruses that live on surfaces like plastic, leather, rubber and aluminum. Use good quality cleaners for your car. You can use household cleaners and disinfectants but make sure they are safe to use for certain surfaces in your car.
Leathers, for example, can be damaged by certain products. Some disinfectants make leather surfaces dry out. You can use mild soap and water then apply a leather conditioner. Not only will this keep your car’s interior germ-free. It’s also an excellent way to reduce their spread.

Vacuum regularly

Dust particles collect in your vehicle. And because some germs stay longer, be sure to vacuum your car regularly. When you do, make sure the mats, carpets, and pedals are thoroughly cleaned. The car seats, while they can be vacuumed too, should be disinfected and deep-cleaned. Don’t skip this step. Make sure it’s done once or twice a week to reduce the risk of virus spread and infections. 

Focus on high-touch surfaces

Some surfaces in your car are touched more frequently than others. These are the spots your hands and fingers touch all the time such as the steering wheel, screens, buttons, gear shifter, knobs, among others.

Reduce your risk of contracting viruses and infections by thoroughly cleaning these surfaces using an interior cleaner

Don’t forget the area at the top of the dashboard because it’s a prime spot for harboring germs and microorganisms. The air that circulates around the car brushes up against the windshield and ultimately sticks to the dashboard.

Clean your carpets

Having clean carpets isn’t only important in helping you reduce the chances of getting sick. It also makes your ride more comfortable. Vacuum your carpets or if you can’t get to a car vacuum, another good method is to use a terry washcloth or a microfiber cloth in cleaning. Spray disinfectant on the cloth and wipe it over your carpets. 

Don’t skip the grey areas

While some areas inside your car are not touched as frequently as the others, it’s still important that they are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, too. Areas such as the headrest, headliner and window glass shouldn’t be skipped or overlooked. Don’t forget to wipe the door handles both from the inside and the outside because you come in contact with them each time you leave and get back in the car.

Keep sanitizers and disinfectants in your car

To keep yourself and your car protected from viruses, it’s always best to keep hand sanitizers and wet wipes handy. Sanitize your hands each time you get in your car before touching anything. Make sure you have disinfectants in your car as well, so that cleaning and disinfecting can be done immediately when need be. 

Disinfect your HVAC unit

The air circulated by your HVAC can carry viruses and infections. Therefore, disinfecting your HVAC unit is a must. Do a thorough cleaning of the entire system including the filters. It doesn’t necessarily require the expertise of a professional. You can remove the cabin filter from behind the compartment and spray it with disinfectant. 

With or without a global health crisis, it’s imperative to keep cleanliness and sanitation a priority in your home and your car. Follow these tips to keep your vehicle virus-free and keep yourself protected from infections. 

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