7 Things you Should Know about Car Ownership before Buying your Car

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Owning a car these days is no longer a far-fetched dream. It seems like almost everyone has an easy access to car ownership and driving a vehicle. And while having your own ride is an investment and convenience at the same time, there’s so much more about car ownership that not many people know about. Learn how to protect that investment, keep it in tip-top shape and be a smart driver with these 7 essential things to keep in mind.

Car engine oil

Car engine oil plays the vital role of cooling, lubricating and cleaning your engine. It is vital in keeping your car running smoothly. If your car doesn’t have enough oil, expect compressive heating, oxidation and thermal degradation – all of which will significantly impact the performance of your engine. As a car owner, it’s important that you are aware of the correct schedule for oil change. Refer to the car owner’s manual for the specific and accurate recommendation for when you should have an oil change.


Changing filters is another important step to never forget if you own a vehicle. However, it shouldn’t take so much of your time because generally, changing filters has to be done about once or twice a year. Cabin filters need to be changed every 15,000 to 25,000 miles, fuel air filters every 30,000 miles, engine air filter every 15,000 to 45,000 miles and oil filters about once or twice a year. Filters have the primary purpose of protecting your car from dirt, dust and other contaminants so if you are constantly driving around the city, you may need to do this step more frequently.

Spare tire

A spare tire will always come in handy during emergency situations. They are not there for display or decor. To many people, it’s an intimidating and challenging task to change tires but it’s something any car owner can certainly perform. Be familiar with the tools to use and steps on how it’s done. Keep the tools in a place which you can easily access when needed. You also have to know where your spare tire is kept although it’s usually found inside the trunk or trunk panel. 

Windshield wiper blades

Driving through the rain with your windshield not working is not exactly what you want to experience in your driving journey. Many people tend to overlook this but you’ll never realize how important these are until you’re caught in a tight crunch. Always make sure your wiper blades are in good shape. Have them replaced every six months or whenever necessary. 

Headlights and taillights

Headlights are your best friend during night driving when visibility is low and taillights are the ones that guide the drivers approaching from behind. Because these lights play an important role in keeping you safe on the road at night, it’s imperative that you check these lights regularly and make sure they are are properly working. The moment any of these lights stop working, be sure to get them repaired right away or you’re risking your safety.


The importance of the brakes of your car cannot be emphasized further. It’s also equally important to understand when you should take them in for service. Pay attention to any squeaking sounds when you step on your brake especially when it’s been persistent after the car is driven for a while. Anything related to your brakes is an urgent safety concern so don’t put off check ups and repairs when needed. 

Tire pressure

If you bring your car to and from work every single day, be sure to have your tire pressure checked on a regular basis. This feature may not be a big deal to some but it’s something that should’t be taken for granted. Low tire pressure may make your tires wear out fast. On the other hand, too much tire pressure can lead to a bumpy ride. Be sure to follow the recommended tire pressure indicated in your owner’s manual.

Owning a car isn’t just about the convenience. It entails a lot of responsibilities, too. Use this guide and become a smart, responsible and informed driver and car owner.

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