6 Tips to Find the Best Used Cars in Chicago

best used cars in chicago

Finding that perfect ride is like finding a good partner in life. You want the best, most superior, top-of-the-line vehicle. All of that may sound good until you see the hefty price tag and there you are, taking a step back. The good news?. It’s never impossible to find the best used cars in Chicago. The best thing about scouting for used vehicles is the power to get the most value out of your money — even if you’re on a limited budget. It’s a challenge. But with a bit of effort, attention to detail, and taking the essentials into consideration, you don’t need to  turn away from your dream of buying a vehicle.

Set your budget

The best way to avoid going upside-down in debt is by living within your means. This is why it’s very important to have a set price in mind before you begin your search for the best used car in Chicago. Examine your financial situation and find out how much cash you can comfortably shell out each month. If there’s a bit of extra money, look at where that money goes while considering other miscellaneous household expenses that may emerge, and then set a BUDGET. Don’t skip this step. A strict budget helps to keep your eyes set  on options that you can afford. Keep in mind that the purchase price is just the tip of the iceberg. Other expenses such as fuel, maintenance, and repairs must also be taken into consideration, so be wise about your car purchase by sticking to a budget, and give yourself some wiggle room for unexpected expenses.

Do research

Once you have your budget in place, begin to look around for options based on the amount upon which you’ve decided. Time and again you may see cars that sell for unusually cheap prices. Be extra careful with offers like these. They seem too-good-to-be-true, and they probably are. You don’t want to spend money on something that would cost an arm and a leg to repair. The aim is to find the best used cars that are reasonably-priced and in good working condition. 

Once you have surveyed cars within your price bracket, refine the search by looking at and comparing the make and model, age, body type and location of the vehicle. Read expert reviews. Some may even be able to help you out by giving recommendations in the Chicago area. 

Reach out to the seller

Have you found a car you like? It’s time to reach out to the seller. Prepare a list of questions to ask before you make an inquiry. This will give you answers to details that may not have been included in the ad. They could be the most basic of questions, but you don’t want possible complications to fall under your radar.  Questions can include the following: what is their reason for selling? How long have they had the car? Are there any issues with the car not visible in photos? Is there any damage to the vehicle? What is the car’s service history and condition? You can add more to these questions till you get answers to your satisfaction. Don’t be afraid to ask. It’s a big purchase. Do it for your peace of mind. 

Make time for an inspection

If the seller is not a car dealer, opt to inspect the car at their address. You may also check  the car’s history on the database of the state where the car is registered using it’s Vehicle Identification Number. This ensures that the car isn’t stolen, didn’t have any outstanding loans, etc. Again, better safe than sorry. No matter how trustworthy the owner seems, be responsible for your purchase by doing your homework before completing the purchase. If all is clear from that end, take a moment to do the inspection of the vehicle personally. Even better if you can get a mechanic to conduct a more thorough inspection. 

Take the car for a road test

You’re closing in on getting that vehicle. The final step for inspection is the road test. This will allow you to get a feel for how it feels to drive the car. Pay attention to the steering wheel, hand brake, engine sounds, road surfaces and transmission shifts. If something feels off, take note of how that can affect your experience with the vehicle and if it’s worth spending money  to have any issues fixed.


Negotiation involves working around a figure that’s a bit beneath the asking price and finding an amount that satisfies both parties. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Knocking a couple of dollars off the full price will only sweeten the deal further. 

Finding a reasonably-priced car in fair running condition and at a price within your range is not impossible. It just takes some work and learning how to make a smart purchase. It’ll all be worth it once you get your hands on your newly-purchased ride. 

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