6 Tips for Reducing Risk of Virus During Car Repair and Maintenance

car repair and maintenance

If you are a car owner, one of the things you shouldn’t skimp on is the maintenance of your car. A vehicle is quite the investment and staying on top of the maintenance and immediate repair for any urgent issue is an important factor in ensuring its longevity. But how about during a time of pandemic? Do you postpone urgent car repair and regular maintenance?

While a pandemic like this current coronavirus is a serious global health concern, some vehicle maintenance can’t wait. So how do you make sure your vehicle gets the care it needs without compromising your health?

Read on for some safety tips and precautions to help reduce the risk of the virus during car repair and maintenance.

Follow recommended health guidelines

You can’t go wrong by taking precautions and you’ve got nothing to lose if you follow the recommended health guidelines. If you are encouraged to wear a mask and gloves when out in public, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. When it comes to contracting potentially deadly infections, you can’t just sit back and take your health and safety for granted. 

Be sure to wear a mask each time you’re out in public. As much as possible, look for a repair and maintenance shop that mandates their employees to follow the same precautions when it comes to wearing masks, sanitizing, and following social distancing.

Keep your hands off unsanitized items

When it comes to reducing your risk of infection, another good rule to follow is to avoid touching unsanitized items. If you drop off paperwork and car keys and have to get them back, make sure they are sanitized before laying your hands on them. 

Make sure your car is also sanitized

In these times when health and sanitation are more important than ever, there’s no reason to be ashamed to ask how the shop makes sure that the vehicles they handle are also sanitized. Ask the technicians how they practice sanitation in their shop and how they practice safe handling. You may even ask them to do the disinfection of your car while you watch.

Perform your own car cleaning and sanitation

There’s no such thing as being too clean these days. Even if the car has been disinfected, you may still wipe down your car, too. Disinfect especially the high touch spots such as the door handle, steering wheel, buttons, etc. And don’t forget about the seat belts, dashboards and other exposed surfaces.

And while thorough cleaning is imperative, be careful not to use harmful products on sensitive materials. Don’t use bleach or alcohol on leather or vinyl. They might cause damage or discoloration on your steering wheel as well as your seats. Refer to the car owner’s manual to find out which products are safe for use for your vehicle. 

Be careful when doing self-service routine actions

The auto shops where you get your vehicle repaired and maintained aren’t the only places that could expose you to viruses. Other self-service bays like those at gas stations may also increase your risk of exposure. 

When pumping your own gas, be sure to wear protective gloves as much as possible. Then, disinfect your hands as soon as you get back to the car before touching the steering wheel and other spots. Throw out the gloves immediately after use because they can still transmit the virus to you. 

However, if gloves aren’t handy at the time, consider wiping and disinfecting the pump handle. And don’t let other body parts come in contact with the gas pump. 

Minimize your exposure to other individuals

Whether you’re getting your car serviced at a repair shop or you had to leave the house for other errands, you try to minimize your exposure to germs. As much as possible, keep yourself at a safe distance from others and avoid interactions except when absolutely necessary. 

We can never tell when our cars might suddenly break down and require repair. But if you need to take it to the nearest shop for repair or scheduled maintenance, be sure to follow these tips to keep yourself safe during car repair and maintenance. 

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