5 Tips to Help you Pay Off Your Auto Loan Faster

pay off auto loan

A car, similar to a house, is a huge investment. And because it involves a significant amount of money, it requires careful thinking and decision-making. But what if you don’t have enough cash to buy a car? An auto loan could be your next best option. Taking out a car loan is indeed an excellent alternative for those who want to get a car, but don’t have enough cash for the down payment. However, it’s also one of the biggest reasons why many Americans are buried in debt. If you don’t want to get stuck in debt for longer periods of time, it’ll help if you learn how to pay off your auto loan fast. Read on for some helpful tips for paying off your loan early and enjoy complete debt freedom.

Make sure you won’t incur penalties

Before you start working on getting your auto loan paid off early, make sure you’re not going to incur penalties for doing so. Check with the lender if they allow an early payoff. Some people with bad credit standing are locked under a high-interest rate so it’s better to find out sooner if this is possible under your contract.

Make bi-weekly payments

Making bi-weekly payments doesn’t mean you have to double the amount of your car payments every month. This means that instead of making one regular payment, you divide it into two and pay it every two weeks. So, what’s happening is the number of payments made in a year will become 24 instead of the usual 12 payments and if you sum it all up, there will be one extra payment made by the end of the year.

Another great thing about bi-weekly payments is that your interest rate is gradually decreasing. Two payments in a month are somewhat like paying half of your due in advance, so the interest charged against your outstanding balance should lessen.

Round up payments

Rounding up payments is another excellent way to pay off auto loans fast. The nice thing about this trick is that it doesn’t have to feel heavy in the pocket since it doesn’t take a lot of funds. For example, your monthly car loan due amounts to $270 per month. Instead of paying for the exact amount, round it up to $300. That $30 isn’t really big but the amount can accumulate if done consistently. And if you have extra cash, you can even add $50 or $100 more. These little things will make a significant difference down the road and you’ll never know, you’re actually nearing the end of your auto loan. 

Snowball debt payments

The snowball method is a trick that can be used to many types of debts including an auto loan. Find out your lowest amount of debt and make ways to pay it off sooner. Then, set the money you’re spending for that debt aside and use it to pay for your car loan or other debts. Once this is paid off, your extra cash can now be used to clean up your remaining debts. 

The snowball method is popular because of the way it’s helped people get out of debt. You also have the option to start with your highest interest debt before tackling the smaller ones. Either way, this trick is going to help free up some money so other debts can be addressed quickly.

Find ways to earn extra cash

It’s already difficult enough to make both ends meet when you have a car loan to pay for and you’re on a tight budget, let alone add extra dollars to shorten the terms. However, there are plenty of ways to earn extra cash only if you look around. Maybe you have some stuff at home that is no longer being used such as clothes, shoes, books, and furniture? Sell them online or do a garage sale. If you have extra time on your hands, consider looking for other jobs to help you earn money on the side. For example, you can teach music to younger kids, use your photography at some friends’ special events or look for part-time online jobs. Collect the funds you earn from these things. These may not seem like a lot at first but they can certainly help pay off the loan. 

Paying off an auto loan early offers a number of benefits in terms of saving money and reducing interest. But more importantly, it can relieve you of the stress that being buried in debt entails. 

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