19 Life Hacks For Car Owners

life hacks for car owners

There are so many things you can do with a car. Besides, life hacks have been getting some attention everywhere lately. So, what life hacks do you know about cars? Getting a car loan is one thing, but how about when you own the car? You are bound to get some bruises and scratches on your new baby. Or you might not even have enough space, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these life hacks for car owners.

Summer Car Hacks

  1. Fill a water bottle with drinking water halfway through. Put it in the freezer horizontally. Leave it overnight so the water freezes. The next day, you can add more drinking water and have cold water throughout the day.
  2. On really hot summer days, cool the inside of your car down by rolling the window down in one of the front doors. Go to the other front door and use a fan motion. This will help expel the hot air of the car faster.
  3. Grab a jar and put holes on the lid. Put some scented wax inside. Leave in the car especially during the summer months. The wax will melt and you’ll have an instant air freshener.
  4. The sun can glare too much, which can make it dangerous when driving. The car sun visor doesn’t always help. Buy some tinted plastic to use as moveable shade.
  5. If your AC is broken during the summer, open the passenger and driver windows halfway. If you have a sunroof on your car, open that up too. This will make the breeze coming into car stronger making it feel cooler.
  6. On a hot day, turn the steering wheel 180 degrees when parking so that the top of the wheel won’t be so hot when you drive it again.

Winter Car Hacks

  1. If you get stuck in mud or snow, use your car mats to give your tires some leverage and traction.
  2. During winter, the doors of the car might freeze shut, but you can prevent this. Before this happens, coat the rubber of the car door with some cooking spray. Wipe it down, and you’re good to go.
  3. The locks on a car can also freeze. Put some alcohol based hand sanitizer to help unfreeze the lock. It also helps to prevent the situation in the future.
  4. Make your car fog proof by cleaning the inside part of the glass with shaving cream.
  5. As much as possible, keep a winter emergency kit that contains medicine, first aid kits, warm blankets, hand warmers, snacks and whatever you think you’ll need. Put it all in a container and store it in the back. You’ll be able to use this in case you get stuck in the car during winter season.
  6. No ice scraper? Use a credit card, ID cards. If you can store a razor blade in your car, you can use this too. Note: This only works with thin ice.

Miscellaneous Car Hacks

  1. If you want to rent a car and you’re under 25, you can register yourself for free for a USAA membership. It waives the “under 25 surcharge fee.”
  2. Not familiar with the car and need to know where the gas tank is? Check the gas light and see where the arrow is pointing. You’ll see where the gas tank is according to the arrow.
  3. Extend the range of your car key’s range, place is below the chin or beside the temple.
  4. If you have a seat warmer in your car, you can keep food warm with it too. Just place the food on the seat and turn on the seat warmer.
  5. You’ve got a garage for your car but keep bumping the wall? Use a pool noodle. Cut it in half and secure them horizontally where the car doors usually hit.
  6. Got a dent in the car? Use a plunger to pop it back out. There are a lot of YouTube videos about it!
  7. Sometimes headlights can become cloudy. Simply use baking soda based toothpaste and spread it on the headlights. Use an old toothbrush to scrub the toothpaste in and then wipe with a clean cloth.

While these are a few hacks that you can try, regular car maintenance before summer and winter is crucial for ensuring optimal vehicle performance and safety throughout the changing seasons. Consistent upkeep before these seasonal extremes enhances the longevity of the vehicle and minimizes the likelihood of unexpected issues, contributing to a safer and more reliable driving experience.

Additionally, seeking regular professional car service ensures a thorough inspection of critical components, allowing trained technicians to address potential issues that may go unnoticed during routine checks, further safeguarding the vehicle and providing peace of mind for the driver.

Have you tried any of these hacks out? If you haven’t, you should try them. They really work! Do you have any hacks that you’ve done that aren’t on here? Let us know!


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